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Let your light shine

In a place in Dublin I visited an old man whom nobody seemed to know existed. I saw his room; it was in a terrible state, I wanted to clean it, but he kept on saying: “I’m alright.” I didn’t say a word, yet in the end he allowed me to clean his room. There was beautiful lamp in that room covered in the dirt of many years. I asked him: “Why do you not light the lamp?” “For whom?” he asked. “Nobody comes to me; I do not need the lamp.” I asked him: “will you light the lamp if I send a sister to see you.” “Yes,” he said, “if I hear a human voice, I will do it.” The other day he sent me word: “Tell my friend that the light she has lighted in my life is still burning.”

- Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, A Gift for God: Prayers and Meditations, (Harper San Francisco, 1996).

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