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The Reign of Jesus was to be a reign of peace

On the Sunday before the feast, known now as Palm Sunday, the Roman Governor, Pontias Pilate, rode into Jerusalem, seated on his magnificent horse, along with a large garrison of cavalry and foot soldiers. People would have come out to witness the pageantry of it: thousands of soldiers with weapons, golden eagles mounted on poles, the beating of drums… On Palm Sunday Jesus also entered Jerusalem, from the other side of the city, seated on a donkey. This was not a coincidence; this procession was planned in advance and carefully thought out. The Reign of Jesus was to be a reign of peace that would banish chariots, war horses and battle bows; this reign would be from sea to sea, to the ends of the earth. Jesus intended his procession – which today we would call a ‘counterdemonstration’ – to contrast the two reigns, the Reign of God and the reign of Caesar, two very different visions of life on earth. – Peter Mc Verry SJ, Jesus: Social Revoluntionary? (Veritas, 2008)

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