This is a list of Salthill Parish and Community groups and notices which relate to each. Click on the group name below for more information. If you would like your community group or service to appear on our website please contact the Parish Office.

Ability West

Ability West provides services for people with intellectual disability.

Head Office, Blackrock House, Salthill, Galway
Tel: (091) 540 900

Ability West – Avalon Adult Respite Centre

Whitestrand Lodge, Grattan Park, Salthill, Galway
Tel: (091) 522 957

Ability West – Clochatuisce Group Home

Dr. Mannix Road, Salthill, Galway
Tel: (091) 525 859

Ability West – Community Support Service

Whitestrand Lodge, Grattan Park, Salthll, Galway
Tel: (091) 586 686

Ability West – Devon Lodge Group Home

36 Beach Court, Salthill, Galway
Tel: (091) 581 101

Ability West – Ocean Wave Group Home

79 Ocean Wave, Salthill, Galway
Tel: (091) 520 287

Ability West – The Childrens Respite Centre

Whitestrand Lodge, Grattan Park, Salthill, Galway
Tel: (091) 588 925

ACCORD – Catholic Marriage Care Service

ACCORD provides premarriage courses, counselling and facilitation services, and a host of other programmes.

Pastoral Centre, Arus de Brun, Newtownsmith, Galway
Tel: (091) 562 331
Email: [email protected]

Aids West

Aids West is a voluntary organisation offering the highest quality care and support to those affected by HIV/AIDS/STIs and to those worried about their sexual health.

Ozanam House, Saint Augustine Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 566 266
Email: [email protected]

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strengths and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. AA meet regularly in Salthill.

Also Al-anon: friends/families of aloholics
Al-ateen: children of alcoholics

Ozanam House, Saint Augustine Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 567 807

Bereavement Support Counselling

The Pastoral Centre, Arus de Brun, Newtownsmith, Galway
Tel: (091) 565 066
Email: [email protected]

Brothers of Charity Services

The Brothers of Charity provide services to children and adults with learning disabilities.

Woodlands Centre, Renmore, Galway
Tel: (091) 755 241
Email: [email protected]

Carer’s Association

The Carer’s association aims to represent relatives who care for the elderly and disabled at home.

Pathway, Ballybane, Galway
Tel: (091) 752 096

Citizen Information Centre (CIC)

Information and advice on social welfare entitlements, consumer rights, health, legal, education, work and family.

Augustine House, Saint Augustine Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 563 344
Email: [email protected]

Cope Galway

Head Office, 2-5 Calbro House, Tuam Road, Galway
Tel: (091) 778 750
Email: [email protected]

Cope Galway Domestic Violence Service

Refugee for women and children experiencing domestic violence. Our outreach services provide support in the community for women who do not need to avail of a refuge.

Waterside House, Courthouse Square, Woodquay, Galway
Tel: (091) 565 985

Cope Galway Homeless Services – Fairgreen Hostel

Crisis accommodation for homeless men.

Fairgreen House, Forster Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 568 818

Cope Galway Services for Older People

Meal preparation and delivery service for older people.

Unit 5, Ballybane Industrial Estate, Galway
Tel: (091) 700 800

Cope Galway – Day Centre for the Homeless

Seamus Quirke Road, Galway
Tel: (091) 525 259
Email: [email protected]

Cope Galway – Osterley Lodge

Crisis accommodation for homeless women.

140 Lower Salthill, Galway
Tel: (091) 521 301

Cope Galway – Resettlement Service

Provides support services for people moving on from homelessness.

12a Ruxton Court, Galway
Tel: (091) 533 959

Cope Galway – Sonas Day Centre

Drop in Centre for Older People.

Walter Macken Flats, Mervue, Galway
Tel: (091) 754 302


CURA is a crisis or unexpected pregnancy service. CURA provides support and help to people facing crisis pregnancy. Services are free and confidential.

Pastoral Centre, Arus de Brun, Newtownsmith, Galway
Tel: (091) 562 558
Email: [email protected]

Foroige – National Youth Development Agency

Foroige is an organisation that helps to empower young people to make a positive contribution to their own development and to the development of society. It offers citizenship and leadership programmes.

Ozanam House, Saint Augustine Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 561 002
Email: [email protected]

Galway Contact

Contact is an organisation for befriending older people.

189 Corrib Park, Galway
Tel: (091) 527 581

Galway Diocesan Pastoral Centre

The Galway Diocesan Pastoral Centre provides programmes and support services that nurture the pastoral well being of our parishes so that our communities may more fully experience and live the Gospel of Christ.

Arus de Brun, Newtownsmith, Galway
Tel: (091) 565 066
Email: [email protected]

Galway Diocesan Youth Services (GDYS)

Galway Diocesan Youth Services was founded by the Augustinian Order in response to the needs of homeless and marginalised young people of Galway. It is a network of support services that aims to enhance the quality of young people’s lives. Through various initiatives GDYS respond to the needs of young people in Galway.

Tagaste House, 4 Augustine Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 56 843
Email: [email protected]

Galway Hospice Foundation

The Galway Hospice provides a comprehensive range of Palliative Care to patients with active and progressive diseases which cannot be cured.

Renmore, Galway
Tel: (091) 770 868
Email: [email protected]

Galway Lions Club

A voluntary service organisation of about 60 members, who form a branch of Lions Club International, the largest service organisation in the world.

Email: [email protected]

Galway Rape Crisis Centre

Counselling and support for survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, assault.

7 Claddagh Quay, The Claddagh, Galway
Tel: (091) 589 495
Helpline: 1850 355 355
Email: [email protected]

Galway Regional Marriage Tribunal

The Marriage Tribunal is the last port of call when dealing with a troubled marriage. Many other avenues should first be travelled, e.g. reconciliation, provision for family, etc. If these have been explored and there is no hope of reconciliation you are welcome to contact the Marriage Tribunal Office.

The Administrator, 7 Waterside, Woodquay, Galway.
Tel: (091) 565 179
Email: [email protected]

Galway Traveller Movement

The Galway Traveller Movement is a support service in education, health and accommodation to the Traveller Community in Galway.

No 1 The Plaza, 1st Floor, Headford Road, Galway
Tel: (091) 765 390
Email: [email protected]

Galway Youth Information Centre

Ozanam House, Saint Augustine Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 562 434
Email: [email protected]

ISPCC – The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

The ISPCC maintains a support phone line and mentoring service for children.

Unit 21, Town Park Centre, Tuam Road, Galway
Tel: (091) 752 387
Helpline: 1800 666 666


Jigsaw aims to keep young people’s health in mind. It is a free and confidential (private) support service for young people, aged 15-25, in Galway City and County.

Jigsaw Galway, Fairgreen Road, Galway.
Tel: (091) 549 252
Email: [email protected]

MABS – Money Advice and Budgeting Service

The Halls, (3rd Floor), Quay Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 569 349
Email: [email protected]


Since its foundation in 1941, Our Lady’s Boys Club has been a constant source of guidance and inspiration to the youth of Galway, most especially those of working class background.

OLBC President, Liosbaun Ind. Estate, Tuam Road, Galway.
Tel: (091) 704 284
Email: [email protected]


Assisting children who have suffered the loss of parent or parents.

Salthill GAA Centre

The Arus is a sports centre for the GAA in camogie, football and hurling and rents rooms to other groups.

Arus Bothar na Tra, Dr. Mannix Road, Salthill, Galway

Tel: (091) 527 333


The Samaritans aim to be available to befriend, support and listen to the suicidal and despairing. The service is available 24 hours a day, every day. Contact is usually by telephone, but visitors are also welcome to call to the centre.

14 Nun’s Island, Galway.
Tel: (091) 561 222/ 1850 609 090
Email: [email protected]

SARA – Salthill Active Retirement Association

A Forum for over 50’s with changed work circumstances that offers activities, talks and social outings.

Sara meets every Wednesday at ll a.m. at the Captains Deck, Leisureland, Salthill.


Shine Galway is a branch of Shine National which is an organisation dedicated to upholding the rights and addressing the needs of all those affected by mental ill health including, but not exclusively, schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder and bi-polar disorder.

Unit 6, Town Park Centre, Tuam Road, Galway.
Tel: (091) 761 746
Helpline: 1890 621 631
Email: [email protected]

Simon Community

Simon is an organisation for the homeless in Galway.

Montpelier Terrace, The Crescent, Galway
Tel: (091) 589 415
Email: [email protected]

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a voluntary catholic organisation, whose aim is to alleviate social need. Activities include home, hospital and prison visitations, and the provision of material assistance to families in need and to those living alone.

Ozanam House, Saint Augustine Street, Galway
Tel: (091) 563 233
Email: [email protected]

Threshold – Housing Advice and Information Agency

Provides services on tenancy rights, private rented tenancies and dispute resolution.

3 Victoria Place, Merchants Road, Galway
Tel: (091) 563 080
Email: [email protected]

Tel : (091) 523 413 | Email : [email protected]
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